This is an excellent book by Ralph Waldo Trine and was written in 1933, and it is pertinent today as it was in 1933. This book is pre-Chopra, but the context when it was written still holds applicable nowadays.

What is particularly exceptional about this book is it’s varied approach to Finding that Higher Power. Within its pages the seeker will find many sound techniques that will fit into almost any spiritual belief, whether enlightenment oriented, occult, or magical. It’s very rarely that one on the path finds a book of such wide scope – and yet it seems to me that each technique will work if practiced. Its better here that you can select the way you feel is more in your own aliment. Also important to note this is the COMPLETE edition. See more info at san diego website.

The whole book makes much sense on the ways to be healthy in body mind and soul. This book is about healthy choices of body-mind-soul.