Coaching Students of All Ages. Learn from the past, Look to the Future


While ‘home schooling’ for many students (and parents) has become the norm for most of the Spring 2021 term, there will be a tangible effect on the learning disruption and a widening of the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers as identified by the National Foundation for Educational Research. Moreover, the effects of cancelling national exams for two consecutive years has yet to be determined, both in the academic attainments and, perhaps more importantly, the psychological aspect of learning to prepare for major and potentially life changing events.


It is through all but instantaneous communication and its seemingly limitless volume (both quantity and audibility) prevalent today that this particular global situation has been tackled in a unique way – by locking down entire countries around the world. In many countries, including the United Kingdom this has caused, among other measures: severely restricting personnel movement, closing businesses, banning large gatherings and sporting events, and shutting schools. The damaging effect of locking down whole countries on both the global economy and that of individual countries can only be guessed at. Also of major concern is the significant disruption to students from Reception (age 4) to university of the loss of a whole academic term’s work (Summer 2020) and significant disruption throughout a second (Spring 2021)


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