Coaching in schools


There are many different interpretations of the term “coaching,” for this study, I will focus more specifically on the concept of coaching for performance and wellbeing or “life coaching.” In “Co-Active Coaching,” the core text of Noble Manhattan’s Practitioner Coach Diploma, the three core principles of coaching are identified as fulfilment, balance, and process.


This study considers the history of coaching, progressing to review the infiltration of coaching into schools up to the present day and then exploring future possibilities for the road ahead. By examining the profession's roots, we can understand how early influences have shaped the practice as we know it today. By considering the past, we can gain a greater depth of understanding of coaching practise and consider that coaching has developed as a profession from a blend of different disciplines throughout history. This gives us a perspective from which to evaluate the current use of coaching in schools and explore possibilities for the future. From this perspective, I will consider the future of coaching in schools, exploring the merits of offering coaching at an early age and the wider societal benefits.


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