• During my research I was glad to know that Coaching is the second fastest business to grow worldwide, some studies showed how this business blossomed during the Covid-19 confinement and how much it is essential to highlight the well-being of people when living on their own, and cannot interact physically with anyone for a long period of time, the coaching processes were adapted to the situation and most of the coaching sessions are currently conducted via E- software’s and applications.
  • Today, I am an aspiring life Coach and I am on full speed heading only forward. The secret formula was boiling inside me and it is called Self Care.
  • In an autumn day in Cairo I was rushed to take the kids and go back to Beirut because there were problems at work. I was also told that as soon as another post is secured in Dubai where my family lives, we will go back all together again. I was asked to support in the move. To find another apartment, to pack the huge house we were living in and secure the move as soon as possible.
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