• Everyone wants to know how to be one, what it's like to be one, or how to hire one. It all makes sense. In the past, it was customary to go to work in an office or a factory and make a normal salary that would enable you to live in relative comfort. These days, however, more and more people are finding that their passions lie outside of the traditional workplace.
  • During my research I was glad to know that Coaching is the second fastest business to grow worldwide, some studies showed how this business blossomed during the Covid-19 confinement and how much it is essential to highlight the well-being of people when living on their own, and cannot interact physically with anyone for a long period of time, the coaching processes were adapted to the situation and most of the coaching sessions are currently conducted via E- software’s and applications.
  • An interesting aspect of to do lists, especially more common for women, they believe they have to be perfect mothers, wives, business ladies, friends, daughters, to look perfect every moment of the day, to be high class chefs in the kitchen, and many other things. In the world of digitalization, where social media is playing a big role in our lives, the desire to hunt for perfectionism, to procrastinate and after getting into a depression is even more frequent than ever. That’s why we can observe different cases of procrastination, from lighter version to more serious ones for the health of the person and society in general.
  • In this suggested topic we will explore what are the key skills that are necessary for some one to practice coaching successfully. This is a deceptively simple undertaking, but I will take up the gauntlet, as I always had a personal interest for the deeper side of human development. And lo and behold, the challenges have already begun: Is it the deeper side, or is it the higher side of human development? Are those indeed opposites? Traditionally, psychologically oriented people would use the word “deeper” to denote added value, while the spiritually inclined would use the word “higher”. However, let’s bridge the gap by using the word evolved, as there is no spatiality in matters of mind and soul.
  • Scopul coachingului este de a obţine un aranjament excelent în acest puzzle numit viaţă, profesie sau performanţă umană... Piesele Vieții umane sunt construite și bazate pe Valori Personale. Prin acest studiu am încercat sa demonstrez ca alinierea scopurilor și visurilor cu Valorile Personale duc spre o VIATA plina de echilibru și succes.
  • Today, I am an aspiring life Coach and I am on full speed heading only forward. The secret formula was boiling inside me and it is called Self Care.
  • In an autumn day in Cairo I was rushed to take the kids and go back to Beirut because there were problems at work. I was also told that as soon as another post is secured in Dubai where my family lives, we will go back all together again. I was asked to support in the move. To find another apartment, to pack the huge house we were living in and secure the move as soon as possible.


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