• There are many different interpretations of the term "coaching," for this study, I will focus more specifically on the concept of coaching for performance and wellbeing or "life coaching." In "Co-Active Coaching," the core text of Noble Manhattan's Practitioner Coach Diploma, the three core principles of coaching are identified as fulfilment, balance, and process.
  • These goals seem like easy and convenient answers and solutions to people who do not want to or don't know how to do the inner work of trying to find their deeply held values and aspirations. They then take these solutions and seek careers and jobs that seem to be a good fit.
  • Coaching was where I had been able to safely, without consequence, explore and understand my reality and eventually take steps to fundamentally change my life for the better. As part of this change I had identified career aspirations and the need to find a new work role that fitted with my values. As a result, my professional career took an interesting turn, which resulted in me gaining a leadership post with the responsibility of developing the use of coaching in the clinical field of adult mental health care.
  • This transformation cannot happen without the creation of a coaching culture, a culture that fosters leadership, innovation, curiosity and inspiration. As organizations are now recognizing the numerous benefits of coaching, workplace coaching has grown substantially, and plenty of organizations are working actively on creating a culture of coaching, where coaching is used as means of communication, management and influencing others.
  • “The coaching profession is experiencing dynamic growth and change,” they say, which is what we are already witnessing through all media tools available. Steve Chandler have well described the role of coaching in his book “The life coaching connection: How Coaching changes lives”.
  • Conflicts can arise in any area of life holding interpersonal relationships, from professional relationships to businesses partnerships to personal relationships. Dealing with these conflicts should be done in the most effective way possible, they should always be handled in a constructive manner, with a determination to solve the issues hanging, a positive vibe, an open communication and a mutual respect and acceptance of diversity in opinion and point of views.
  • Understanding your life purpose can get you back on track when life throws you curve balls; taking time to understand yourself, taking time for self-care, taking time to understand who you are as a person allows you to be able to take care of others, to take time to understand the needs of loved ones and to communicate better with those around you.
  • In today's fast-paced world, stress has become a significant issue that affects individuals' physical and mental health. Chronic stress can lead to various problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, it is crucial to address stress, especially in the coaching setting, where individuals can develop strategies for managing stress effectively.
  • The next level is how we actually understand the values to be, from (a) an academic, formal learning point of view, to (b) how we then embody this understanding whilst interpreting them within our roles and socio-cultural influences. You can see how this can easily get complicated.
  • Focused clarity allows for stronger foundations for creating conducive environments for those we lead, to step in, contribute and flourish at higher levels. With this, it allows the leaders to look up from the everyday grind of work, and have more time to make sure everyone's needs from your staff to your customers, are taken care of. This is the role of the leader, to protect the vision.
  • Your purpose is the guiding torch and tool to all the decisions you make in all areas of your life. A purpose, allows you to be the light in the tunnel of the life that you have chosen. You choose the tunnel, and you light it up with the essesnce of you. This E-book will help you to start to figure out your life purpose, as you create time within your current and future schedules, to stay on track toward what makes sense for you.
  • Using my background in Neuroscience-based coaching; which is the study of the mind and brain and how we can harness them for higher power, I guide you through how you can become a high performer as you manage your diary and biohack your mind.  Let's keep in touch! When you downloaded this EBOOK, you were provided with links to other EBOOKS. I trust that will be useful on your the life journey that you are in. 
  • عندما قررت أن أصبح مدربة مهارات حياة ومدربة عالقات زوجية، لم يكن األمر مجرد قرار بخوض تجربة جديدة في ياتي، بل كان مخاض تجربتي الشخصية في الزواج، الذي وصل حافته والمس االنهيار في عديد المرات، وحاجتي لشخصية لحماية نفسي من تداعيات انهيار زواجي وأثره المباشر الذي استمر لفترة ليست بالبسيطة وال بالهينة على كياني كبريائي، ثقتي بنفسي، حبي لذاتي، أنوثتي، مشاعري وعواطفي، اتزاني، عقالنيتيفي قراراتي، تواصلي مع نفسي ومن ولي، وحتىإيماني واتصالي وتواصليمع ربي. وجدت نفسي على حافة مفترق فيه الخيارات مؤلمة، فلم تعد لدي القدرة االستمرار بزواج يستهلك هذا الكم من الطاقة مني، واالنفصال خيار سيدفع أطفالي ثمنه معي، كنت أقرب لالنفصال مني الستمرار أو على األصح كنت قد اتخذت قرار االنفصال، لكني كنت بحاجة لرفع قدرتي على تنفيذ القرار وإنقاذ نفسي من االنهيار مع انهيار زواجي الذي لم أستطع ولم أعد أرغب في إنقاذه.
  • This book is written from the heart, from the broken heart of a mom. I have lost a child, and I wasn’t prepared for it. Actually, no parent is ever prepared for this kind of experience.
  • The success of a relationships lies on a good communication. During our life , we meet different people and have different relationships. We tend to be selfish and forget about others, about their needs, feelings and thoughts, it goes by stages.The perpous of writing this thesis is to have the awareness of our human needs ,the languages we use and the one we can use for healthy relationships.
  • Managementul timpului este una dintre cele mai importante abilități cognitive1 pentru atingerea obiectivelor personale și profesionale. Managementul timpului nu se referă doar la planificarea, programarea și prioritizarea sarcinilor; dar implică, de asemenea, dezvoltarea de obiceiuri și schimbare de mindset pentru utilizarea eficientă a timpului.
  • Just to let you know that I offer a BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS program for those starting their small or side businesses. Here is the information: PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM To help you formulate and realign foundational, sustainable and reusable Business Strategy & Business Plan to run and scale up a small organization.
  • Coaching helps people gain perspective on life and employ all their strengths to get over their limiting beliefs, poor habits, and old mindsets. Coaches, along with the clients, devise new plans based on core values and specific goals, and explore new possibilities that lead to reaching their clients’ potential and finding fulfillment in their clients’ lives.


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