• Everyone wants to know how to be one, what it's like to be one, or how to hire one. It all makes sense. In the past, it was customary to go to work in an office or a factory and make a normal salary that would enable you to live in relative comfort. These days, however, more and more people are finding that their passions lie outside of the traditional workplace.
  • As social beings, we communicate at any moment of our existence with both verbal and non-verbal cues. Each piece of communication (coming in and going out) passes through our internal “software”, our mind. The simplest communication process is illustrated as linear and goes through 4 key stages: coding – sending – receiving – decoding. However, it’s not at all that simple. There are so many variables that influence the smooth information processing between two subjects (Smith, 2007).
  • During my research I was glad to know that Coaching is the second fastest business to grow worldwide, some studies showed how this business blossomed during the Covid-19 confinement and how much it is essential to highlight the well-being of people when living on their own, and cannot interact physically with anyone for a long period of time, the coaching processes were adapted to the situation and most of the coaching sessions are currently conducted via E- software’s and applications.
  • Capacitatea de adaptare, ca și în natură, poate fi o chestiune de supraviețuire. Schimbarea nu este ușoară și necesită voința de a face acest lucru și o minte deschisă. Managerul cu mintea deschisă poate verifica realitatea și poate veni cu întrebări de genul: „În ce afacere mă aflu cu adevărat?”
  • Understanding your life purpose can get you back on track when life throws you curve balls; taking time to understand yourself, taking time for self-care, taking time to understand who you are as a person allows you to be able to take care of others, to take time to understand the needs of loved ones and to communicate better with those around you.
  • An interesting aspect of to do lists, especially more common for women, they believe they have to be perfect mothers, wives, business ladies, friends, daughters, to look perfect every moment of the day, to be high class chefs in the kitchen, and many other things. In the world of digitalization, where social media is playing a big role in our lives, the desire to hunt for perfectionism, to procrastinate and after getting into a depression is even more frequent than ever. That’s why we can observe different cases of procrastination, from lighter version to more serious ones for the health of the person and society in general.
  • In this suggested topic we will explore what are the key skills that are necessary for some one to practice coaching successfully. This is a deceptively simple undertaking, but I will take up the gauntlet, as I always had a personal interest for the deeper side of human development. And lo and behold, the challenges have already begun: Is it the deeper side, or is it the higher side of human development? Are those indeed opposites? Traditionally, psychologically oriented people would use the word “deeper” to denote added value, while the spiritually inclined would use the word “higher”. However, let’s bridge the gap by using the word evolved, as there is no spatiality in matters of mind and soul.
  • Your purpose is the guiding torch and tool to all the decisions you make in all areas of your life. A purpose, allows you to be the light in the tunnel of the life that you have chosen. You choose the tunnel, and you light it up with the essesnce of you. This E-book will help you to start to figure out your life purpose, as you create time within your current and future schedules, to stay on track toward what makes sense for you.
  • Using my background in Neuroscience-based coaching; which is the study of the mind and brain and how we can harness them for higher power, I guide you through how you can become a high performer as you manage your diary and biohack your mind.  Let's keep in touch! When you downloaded this EBOOK, you were provided with links to other EBOOKS. I trust that will be useful on your the life journey that you are in. 
  • Scopul coachingului este de a obţine un aranjament excelent în acest puzzle numit viaţă, profesie sau performanţă umană... Piesele Vieții umane sunt construite și bazate pe Valori Personale. Prin acest studiu am încercat sa demonstrez ca alinierea scopurilor și visurilor cu Valorile Personale duc spre o VIATA plina de echilibru și succes.
  • This book is written from the heart, from the broken heart of a mom. I have lost a child, and I wasn’t prepared for it. Actually, no parent is ever prepared for this kind of experience.
  • Today, I am an aspiring life Coach and I am on full speed heading only forward. The secret formula was boiling inside me and it is called Self Care.
  • The fascinating aspect of self-esteem is that it is always with us, either consciously, or as ‘background noise’. We are always aware of it, which raises the question, how aware are we of it at any moment in time? The strength and influence of our self-esteem is a matter of degree. It is not set in stone and is a ‘moveable feast’.
  • The Socratic Method is still used to this day in multiple arenas including education and therapy. Meanwhile offering a non-directive ‘listening ear’ and drawing out a relative stranger with open questions has always been an established part of the human experience: just consider a hairdresser. We quickly realise they use gentle questioning to build rapport and help you work out what you want: ‘How do you want it to look?’ ‘What's the plan?’ ‘How does it feel?’ ‘What are you doing this summer?’
  • In an autumn day in Cairo I was rushed to take the kids and go back to Beirut because there were problems at work. I was also told that as soon as another post is secured in Dubai where my family lives, we will go back all together again. I was asked to support in the move. To find another apartment, to pack the huge house we were living in and secure the move as soon as possible.
  • Coaching helps people gain perspective on life and employ all their strengths to get over their limiting beliefs, poor habits, and old mindsets. Coaches, along with the clients, devise new plans based on core values and specific goals, and explore new possibilities that lead to reaching their clients’ potential and finding fulfillment in their clients’ lives.


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