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  • Parenting requires the constant support of the physical, intellectual, emotional, social development of a child, from the day they are born till adulthood and sometimes even after that.
  • Raising up children has always been a tedious task for parents and caregivers. As the world is advancing and technology is improving, managing children and the complexities associated with their growing up has become more demanding for parents. Parents face a lot of challenges in trying to train children into becoming successful and well-bred individuals. The need to balance this achievement with acceptable conduct always seems to be the “toughest bite of the cake.’’
  • The Socratic Method is still used to this day in multiple arenas including education and therapy. Meanwhile offering a non-directive ‘listening ear’ and drawing out a relative stranger with open questions has always been an established part of the human experience: just consider a hairdresser. We quickly realise they use gentle questioning to build rapport and help you work out what you want: ‘How do you want it to look?’ ‘What's the plan?’ ‘How does it feel?’ ‘What are you doing this summer?’
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