• We all know or read previously about the value of coaching in sports, but what do we know about coaching in the workplace? Same as a coach can help an athlete achieve their goal, a workplace coach can guide employees to improve performance and meet their goals.
  • Coaching was where I had been able to safely, without consequence, explore and understand my reality and eventually take steps to fundamentally change my life for the better. As part of this change I had identified career aspirations and the need to find a new work role that fitted with my values. As a result, my professional career took an interesting turn, which resulted in me gaining a leadership post with the responsibility of developing the use of coaching in the clinical field of adult mental health care.
  • As social beings, we communicate at any moment of our existence with both verbal and non-verbal cues. Each piece of communication (coming in and going out) passes through our internal “software”, our mind. The simplest communication process is illustrated as linear and goes through 4 key stages: coding – sending – receiving – decoding. However, it’s not at all that simple. There are so many variables that influence the smooth information processing between two subjects (Smith, 2007).
  • Capacitatea de adaptare, ca și în natură, poate fi o chestiune de supraviețuire. Schimbarea nu este ușoară și necesită voința de a face acest lucru și o minte deschisă. Managerul cu mintea deschisă poate verifica realitatea și poate veni cu întrebări de genul: „În ce afacere mă aflu cu adevărat?”
  • Credințe limitative – o îmbinare de termeni la modă în zilele noastre, cu același parcurs specific acestui gen de termeni: îl vedem prin postări pe social media, îl citim prin articole, îl auzim la radio/ televizor/ podcasturi etc. Alături de “semenii săi”, cum ar fi: zona de confort, stare psiho - emoțională, metaprograme, traume, vociferez, persoane/relații toxice, ardere profesională, inteligență emoțională, dezvoltare personală etc. - se tot perindă în context uzual, fără un substrat etimologic și o abordare argumentată pe dovezi, care să confirme că utilizatorul a deschis cel puțin DEX-ul și s-a informat ce presupune această noțiune sau expresie.
  • Parenting requires the constant support of the physical, intellectual, emotional, social development of a child, from the day they are born till adulthood and sometimes even after that.
  • In today's fast-paced world, stress has become a significant issue that affects individuals' physical and mental health. Chronic stress can lead to various problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, it is crucial to address stress, especially in the coaching setting, where individuals can develop strategies for managing stress effectively.
  • This book is written from the heart, from the broken heart of a mom. I have lost a child, and I wasn’t prepared for it. Actually, no parent is ever prepared for this kind of experience.
  • Raising up children has always been a tedious task for parents and caregivers. As the world is advancing and technology is improving, managing children and the complexities associated with their growing up has become more demanding for parents. Parents face a lot of challenges in trying to train children into becoming successful and well-bred individuals. The need to balance this achievement with acceptable conduct always seems to be the “toughest bite of the cake.’’
  • The Socratic Method is still used to this day in multiple arenas including education and therapy. Meanwhile offering a non-directive ‘listening ear’ and drawing out a relative stranger with open questions has always been an established part of the human experience: just consider a hairdresser. We quickly realise they use gentle questioning to build rapport and help you work out what you want: ‘How do you want it to look?’ ‘What's the plan?’ ‘How does it feel?’ ‘What are you doing this summer?’


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