• Despre coaching am auzit mai mulți ani în urmă, era prin 2016, am rămas fascinată, cu multe semne de întrebare, dar nu atît de mult ca să caut răspuns și informații imediat. Ce-mi aduc eu aminte de atunci e că ,persoana cu care am vorbit era mental coach în formare, antrena tineri atleți, îmi spusese că toate persoanele de succes, actor, sportiv, cîntăreț are un coach care îl ajută să performeze.
  • Everyone wants to know how to be one, what it's like to be one, or how to hire one. It all makes sense. In the past, it was customary to go to work in an office or a factory and make a normal salary that would enable you to live in relative comfort. These days, however, more and more people are finding that their passions lie outside of the traditional workplace.
  • There are many different interpretations of the term "coaching," for this study, I will focus more specifically on the concept of coaching for performance and wellbeing or "life coaching." In "Co-Active Coaching," the core text of Noble Manhattan's Practitioner Coach Diploma, the three core principles of coaching are identified as fulfilment, balance, and process.
  • During my research I was glad to know that Coaching is the second fastest business to grow worldwide, some studies showed how this business blossomed during the Covid-19 confinement and how much it is essential to highlight the well-being of people when living on their own, and cannot interact physically with anyone for a long period of time, the coaching processes were adapted to the situation and most of the coaching sessions are currently conducted via E- software’s and applications.
  • Conflicts can arise in any area of life holding interpersonal relationships, from professional relationships to businesses partnerships to personal relationships. Dealing with these conflicts should be done in the most effective way possible, they should always be handled in a constructive manner, with a determination to solve the issues hanging, a positive vibe, an open communication and a mutual respect and acceptance of diversity in opinion and point of views.
  • Understanding your life purpose can get you back on track when life throws you curve balls; taking time to understand yourself, taking time for self-care, taking time to understand who you are as a person allows you to be able to take care of others, to take time to understand the needs of loved ones and to communicate better with those around you.
  • In today's fast-paced world, stress has become a significant issue that affects individuals' physical and mental health. Chronic stress can lead to various problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, it is crucial to address stress, especially in the coaching setting, where individuals can develop strategies for managing stress effectively.
  • Your purpose is the guiding torch and tool to all the decisions you make in all areas of your life. A purpose, allows you to be the light in the tunnel of the life that you have chosen. You choose the tunnel, and you light it up with the essesnce of you. This E-book will help you to start to figure out your life purpose, as you create time within your current and future schedules, to stay on track toward what makes sense for you.
  • This book is written from the heart, from the broken heart of a mom. I have lost a child, and I wasn’t prepared for it. Actually, no parent is ever prepared for this kind of experience.
  • Today, I am an aspiring life Coach and I am on full speed heading only forward. The secret formula was boiling inside me and it is called Self Care.
  • The fascinating aspect of self-esteem is that it is always with us, either consciously, or as ‘background noise’. We are always aware of it, which raises the question, how aware are we of it at any moment in time? The strength and influence of our self-esteem is a matter of degree. It is not set in stone and is a ‘moveable feast’.
  • In an autumn day in Cairo I was rushed to take the kids and go back to Beirut because there were problems at work. I was also told that as soon as another post is secured in Dubai where my family lives, we will go back all together again. I was asked to support in the move. To find another apartment, to pack the huge house we were living in and secure the move as soon as possible.
  • The success of a relationships lies on a good communication. During our life , we meet different people and have different relationships. We tend to be selfish and forget about others, about their needs, feelings and thoughts, it goes by stages.The perpous of writing this thesis is to have the awareness of our human needs ,the languages we use and the one we can use for healthy relationships.
  • Coaching helps people gain perspective on life and employ all their strengths to get over their limiting beliefs, poor habits, and old mindsets. Coaches, along with the clients, devise new plans based on core values and specific goals, and explore new possibilities that lead to reaching their clients’ potential and finding fulfillment in their clients’ lives.


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