• Coaching helps people gain perspective on life and employ all their strengths to get over their limiting beliefs, poor habits, and old mindsets. Coaches, along with the clients, devise new plans based on core values and specific goals, and explore new possibilities that lead to reaching their clients’ potential and finding fulfillment in their clients’ lives.
  • Just to let you know that I offer a BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS program for those starting their small or side businesses. Here is the information: PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM To help you formulate and realign foundational, sustainable and reusable Business Strategy & Business Plan to run and scale up a small organization.
  • Managementul timpului este una dintre cele mai importante abilități cognitive1 pentru atingerea obiectivelor personale și profesionale. Managementul timpului nu se referă doar la planificarea, programarea și prioritizarea sarcinilor; dar implică, de asemenea, dezvoltarea de obiceiuri și schimbare de mindset pentru utilizarea eficientă a timpului.
  • In an autumn day in Cairo I was rushed to take the kids and go back to Beirut because there were problems at work. I was also told that as soon as another post is secured in Dubai where my family lives, we will go back all together again. I was asked to support in the move. To find another apartment, to pack the huge house we were living in and secure the move as soon as possible.
  • عندما قررت أن أصبح مدربة مهارات حياة ومدربة عالقات زوجية، لم يكن األمر مجرد قرار بخوض تجربة جديدة في ياتي، بل كان مخاض تجربتي الشخصية في الزواج، الذي وصل حافته والمس االنهيار في عديد المرات، وحاجتي لشخصية لحماية نفسي من تداعيات انهيار زواجي وأثره المباشر الذي استمر لفترة ليست بالبسيطة وال بالهينة على كياني كبريائي، ثقتي بنفسي، حبي لذاتي، أنوثتي، مشاعري وعواطفي، اتزاني، عقالنيتيفي قراراتي، تواصلي مع نفسي ومن ولي، وحتىإيماني واتصالي وتواصليمع ربي. وجدت نفسي على حافة مفترق فيه الخيارات مؤلمة، فلم تعد لدي القدرة االستمرار بزواج يستهلك هذا الكم من الطاقة مني، واالنفصال خيار سيدفع أطفالي ثمنه معي، كنت أقرب لالنفصال مني الستمرار أو على األصح كنت قد اتخذت قرار االنفصال، لكني كنت بحاجة لرفع قدرتي على تنفيذ القرار وإنقاذ نفسي من االنهيار مع انهيار زواجي الذي لم أستطع ولم أعد أرغب في إنقاذه.
  • Scopul coachingului este de a obţine un aranjament excelent în acest puzzle numit viaţă, profesie sau performanţă umană... Piesele Vieții umane sunt construite și bazate pe Valori Personale. Prin acest studiu am încercat sa demonstrez ca alinierea scopurilor și visurilor cu Valorile Personale duc spre o VIATA plina de echilibru și succes.
  • Focused clarity allows for stronger foundations for creating conducive environments for those we lead, to step in, contribute and flourish at higher levels. With this, it allows the leaders to look up from the everyday grind of work, and have more time to make sure everyone's needs from your staff to your customers, are taken care of. This is the role of the leader, to protect the vision.
  • In today's fast-paced world, stress has become a significant issue that affects individuals' physical and mental health. Chronic stress can lead to various problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, it is crucial to address stress, especially in the coaching setting, where individuals can develop strategies for managing stress effectively.
  • During my research I was glad to know that Coaching is the second fastest business to grow worldwide, some studies showed how this business blossomed during the Covid-19 confinement and how much it is essential to highlight the well-being of people when living on their own, and cannot interact physically with anyone for a long period of time, the coaching processes were adapted to the situation and most of the coaching sessions are currently conducted via E- software’s and applications.


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