• This journey will reveal to them the path they were initially born to take but managed to lose along the way caused by a distortion in judgment influenced by family and friends, organizations and society or even by their ego and emotions. It's a journey that has only one direction, that is always forward towards a life of truth, respect, serenity, joy, and contentment.
  • In this study, I address the importance of enabling the partner as a catalyst in the relationship and how coaching is an enabler to cultivate a balanced partner who is a contributor in building a happy and an ever-growing relationship by working on self-development and goal-focused life plan. I also study how coaching helps the partner find the way to live better the relationship and move it from good to better and from better to best.
  • This report is the outcome of research around best practice and current theory on the subject of coaching in the workplace. The practical application of the overall research is described in a case study around the research for and design of a coaching strategy for an NHS Primary Care Trust in London with a workforce of approximately 3,500 staff across a wide geographical area covering 4 London boroughs.
  • Understanding your life purpose can get you back on track when life throws you curve balls; taking time to understand yourself, taking time for self-care, taking time to understand who you are as a person allows you to be able to take care of others, to take time to understand the needs of loved ones and to communicate better with those around you.
  • ‘Education’s moral imperative is about the whole world developing’ (Fullan, 2011). However, working in schools is not easy; it is challenging. Schools are ‘complex and unpredictable’ (Hoy and Miskel, 2008). The knowledge explosion in the 21st century has added to the challenges. So, what can be done to deal with the complexity of the schools and with the challenges? Coaching teachers and school leaders is the answer. School coaching will empower teachers and school leaders in order to be able to deal with the complexity of schools.
  • The history of coaching is in fact closely related to the history of humanity. It is linked to our evolution from the primitive hominids towards the beautiful beings that we are right now, with huge potential that can be unleashed and enriched through coaching.
  • Happiness is hard to find. Some people spend their entire lives winning prizes, earning money, and spending time with people only to find out that happiness has escaped them. Every day we see around us tired, dissatisfied, unhappy people always running after materialistic things to get to the “elusive happiness”. They think that if they have what they lack i.e. money, children, work, fame, a perfect body etc… they will be happy.
  • Children’s development is not only about the growth and development of the body and its organs; it is about uplifting the mind, enriching the soul and feeding the heart. Imagine an environment where children are nourished by love, empathy, understanding, caring and support.
  • Coaching is an authentic and neutral relationship between coach and coachee, a non-directional and non-judgmental communication process, avoiding any form of presumption, blame, or criticism. It is an active participation with openness, compassion, empathy, trust, honesty, respect, and confidentiality.


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