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  • “Start Your Own Coaching Program Ebook/ Mini Site- Master Resale Rights” This 13-page ebook contains valuable tools and tips that will help you launch your profitable coaching program in a short period of time. Topics covered include: 3 Ways to Start Your Coaching Program One unique method which requires you to start your coaching program with just a sales letter How to use other people’s contents for your own coaching program success. A complete blueprint to follow and become successful in your own program Mistakes you should avoid when getting started And lots more!
  • This report is the outcome of research around best practice and current theory on the subject of coaching in the workplace. The practical application of the overall research is described in a case study around the research for and design of a coaching strategy for an NHS Primary Care Trust in London with a workforce of approximately 3,500 staff across a wide geographical area covering 4 London boroughs.
  • A successful, high performing organization runs like a smooth well-oiled machine. Every part of the machine has a role to play to ensure the machine functions properly. In technical terms, a cog is defined as “any of the teeth on a wheel or gear that fits into an opposite notch to cause motion of the wheel”.
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