• In today’s technology driven world, automation will have a far-reaching impact on the workforce. The benefits of artificial intelligence and automation to users and businesses, and the economic growth they potentially bring through productivity contributions is compelling. However, this may require that millions of people switch occupations or upgrade skills. While embracing these technologies, companies should also address workforce transitions and associated challenges.
  • These goals seem like easy and convenient answers and solutions to people who do not want to or don't know how to do the inner work of trying to find their deeply held values and aspirations. They then take these solutions and seek careers and jobs that seem to be a good fit.
  • Coaching was where I had been able to safely, without consequence, explore and understand my reality and eventually take steps to fundamentally change my life for the better. As part of this change I had identified career aspirations and the need to find a new work role that fitted with my values. As a result, my professional career took an interesting turn, which resulted in me gaining a leadership post with the responsibility of developing the use of coaching in the clinical field of adult mental health care.
  • While ‘home schooling’ for many students (and parents) has become the norm for most of the Spring 2021 term, there will be a tangible effect on the learning disruption and a widening of the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers as identified by the National Foundation for Educational Research. Moreover, the effects of cancelling national exams for two consecutive years has yet to be determined, both in the academic attainments and, perhaps more importantly, the psychological aspect of learning to prepare for major and potentially life changing events.
  • As a way in supporting others learn, perform and succeed, coaching is now mainstream. In fact, coaching is the second-fastest growing industry in the world for its benefits are becoming clearer and are getting more tangible day after day. Whatever you want to get better at, there will be a coach willing to help us be it a sports coach, financial coach, life coach, voice coach and the list goes on.
  • Cea mai mare performanță a mea în Coaching, pe lîngă redescoperirea iubirii de oameni, este lucrul cu emoțiile mele. Aveam o mare provocare să intru în contact cu oamenii, să conduc dialoguri fără ca corpul meu să nu somatizeze prin tremurat de voce, tremurat de mîini, sau mai rău emoții neconstructive, care de multe ori îmi lăsau sentimente de vinovăție.
  • Nu cred că există aspect al vieții noastre care să nu merite un proces de introspecție la un moment dat pe parcursul existenței. Un program de coaching al relației cu banii oferă clienților motivația și instrumentele prin care aceștia să poată privi cu onestitate felul în care creează și folosesc resursele, dar și cât de mult prețuiesc în mod autentic ceea ce viața le pune la dispoziție. Programul meu de coaching al relației cu banii s-a născut din practică, s-a cristalizat în urma
  • The next level is how we actually understand the values to be, from (a) an academic, formal learning point of view, to (b) how we then embody this understanding whilst interpreting them within our roles and socio-cultural influences. You can see how this can easily get complicated.
  • Focused clarity allows for stronger foundations for creating conducive environments for those we lead, to step in, contribute and flourish at higher levels. With this, it allows the leaders to look up from the everyday grind of work, and have more time to make sure everyone's needs from your staff to your customers, are taken care of. This is the role of the leader, to protect the vision.
  • Using my background in Neuroscience-based coaching; which is the study of the mind and brain and how we can harness them for higher power, I guide you through how you can become a high performer as you manage your diary and biohack your mind.  Let's keep in touch! When you downloaded this EBOOK, you were provided with links to other EBOOKS. I trust that will be useful on your the life journey that you are in. 
  • Până nu vom ajunge la o împăcare cu poveștile noastre, va fi imposibil să extragem ingredientele de care avem nevoie pentru a ne exprima sinele nostru Divin. Ideea că putem fi responsabili pentru viața noastră. Pentru a crea conceptul De cine suntem cu ajutorul instrumentelor de Coaching.
  • Managementul timpului este una dintre cele mai importante abilități cognitive1 pentru atingerea obiectivelor personale și profesionale. Managementul timpului nu se referă doar la planificarea, programarea și prioritizarea sarcinilor; dar implică, de asemenea, dezvoltarea de obiceiuri și schimbare de mindset pentru utilizarea eficientă a timpului.
  • Just to let you know that I offer a BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS program for those starting their small or side businesses. Here is the information: PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM To help you formulate and realign foundational, sustainable and reusable Business Strategy & Business Plan to run and scale up a small organization.
  • Coaching helps people gain perspective on life and employ all their strengths to get over their limiting beliefs, poor habits, and old mindsets. Coaches, along with the clients, devise new plans based on core values and specific goals, and explore new possibilities that lead to reaching their clients’ potential and finding fulfillment in their clients’ lives.


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