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  • This is an excellent book by Ralph Waldo Trine and was written in 1933, and it is pertinent today as it was in 1933. This book is pre-Chopra, but the context when it was written still holds applicable nowadays. What is particularly exceptional about this book is it’s varied approach to Finding that Higher Power. Within its pages the seeker will find many sound techniques that will fit into almost any spiritual belief, whether enlightenment oriented, occult, or magical. It’s very rarely that one on the path finds a book of such wide scope – and yet it seems to me that each technique will work if practiced. Its better here that you can select the way you feel is more in your own aliment. Also important to note this is the COMPLETE edition. The whole book makes much sense on the ways to be healthy in body mind and soul. This book is about healthy choices of body-mind-soul.
  • The Way of Peace by James Allen The Way of Peace is your guide to the power of meditation; self and truth; the acquirement of    spiritual power; the realization of selfless love; entering into the infinite; saints, sages, and saviors; the law of service; and the        realization of perfect peace. (Summary by Andrea Fiore). A beautiful meditation about truth vs. the self. Allen discusses 5 things to consider during meditation as follows: 1. Love – even your enemies 2. Pity – compassion for all human beings in suffering 3. Joy – rejoice and share in the joy of those in the world experiencing it 4. Impurity – how those little things about the “self” and the need to immediate pleasure stop us from the truth 5. Serenity – bring yourself above love & hate, tyranny and oppression, above everything toward truth
  • Ralph Waldo Trine was a philosopher, mystic, teacher and author of many books, and was one of the early mentors of the New Thought Movement. His writings had a great influence on many of his contemporaries including Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science. He was a true pioneer in the area of life-transforming thought. No other New Thought author has sold more books than he, his writings reaching far beyond New Thought circles out to the general public, which has bought and read Trine’s books without ever knowing that they were New Thought. Ralph is one of the first great explorers in the New Thought movement, mapping the territories of our existence on an infinite plane of possibilities. In his six-part guide to a full life, the principles of the law of attraction are seen through a holistic lens of love and service to others as the foundation for a truly powerful and successful existence. With timeless, practical advice on discovering, developing and mining your own gifts, each page opens our hearts and minds to the infinite potentiality around us. Trine’s words ring with warmth and spirit guiding us to be open minded, open-hearted, doing each day what our hands find to do, and in this finding our own true life and joy.
  • This ebook covers key areas in the coaching industry as well as some valuable topics. These include: Explanations of Life Coaching The Techniques to Adopt in the Coaching System The Right Way to Utilize the Quality of Life Inventory Identifying Where You can Set Targets and lots more. It is a 35-page ebook that comes with quality information that enriches the coaching mind. Besides, it also comes with master resale rights to enrich your pocket as well!
  • This book is written by Swámi A. P. Mukerji. Learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga, including Practices and Exercises of Concentration, both Objective and Subjective, and Active and Passive Mentation, an Elucidation of Maya, Guru Worship, and the Worship of the Terrible, also the Mystery of Will-Force.
  • Peter Coffey is the author of this book. In the domain of Ontology there are many scholastic theories and discussions which are commonly regarded by non-scholastic writers as possessing nowadays for the student of philosophy an interest that is merely historical. This mistaken notion is probably due to the fact that few if any serious attempts have yet been made to transpose these questions from their medieval setting into the language and context of contemporary philosophy. Perhaps not a single one of these problems is really and in substance alien to present-day speculations. The author has endeavoured, by his treatment of such characteristically “medieval” discussions as those on Potentia and Actus, Essence and Existence, Individuation, the Theory of Distinctions, Substance and Accident, Nature and Person, Logical and Real Relations, Efficient and Final Causes, to show that the issues involved are in every instance as fully and keenly debated, in an altered setting and a new terminology, by recent and living philosophers of every school of thought as they were by St. Thomas and his contemporaries in the golden age of medieval scholasticism. And, as the purposes of a text book demanded, attention has been devoted to stating the problems clearly, to showing the significance and bearings of discussions and solutions, rather than to detailed analyses of arguments. At the same time it is hoped that the treatment is sufficiently full to be helpful even to advanced students and to all who are interested in the “Metaphysics of the Schools”.
  • As a Man Thinketh is a literary essay of James Allen, published in 1902. The title is influenced by a verse in the Bible from the Book of Proverbs chapter 23 verse 7, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Now considered a classic self-help book, As a Man Thinketh‘s underlying premise is that noble thoughts make a noble person, lowly thoughts make a miserable person. In short: you are what you think.
  • Coach 100 was invented by the founder of coaching, Thomas J Leonard. So far, hundreds of coaches have been assisted through the School of Coaching Mastery to fill up their coaching business with paying clients. This ebook is for you even if you know nothing about sales and marketing. It is the surest bet for anybody who wants to possess full coaching strategies without the need to coach up to 100 people. In other words, Coach 100 offers vital resources and structures that reduce your efforts by half, while your productivity inputs get doubled. Coaching skills and business will grow steadily in a very short period of time once you apply the ebook techniques.
  • “Start Your Own Coaching Program Ebook/ Mini Site- Master Resale Rights” This 13-page ebook contains valuable tools and tips that will help you launch your profitable coaching program in a short period of time. Topics covered include: 3 Ways to Start Your Coaching Program One unique method which requires you to start your coaching program with just a sales letter How to use other people’s contents for your own coaching program success. A complete blueprint to follow and become successful in your own program Mistakes you should avoid when getting started And lots more!
  • This ebook series consists of a number of Ebooks, Tutorials, as well as Profit Generating Reports written by this ace marketer. The first in the series consists of compelling “Profit Pulling Ebooks“, in which Jimmy gets down to the nitty gritty of exactly how you can make huge sums of money from ebooks. “Ezine Ad Profits” discusses the secrets of how you can profit greatly from ezine ads. Besides, not only will every reader have access to quality dynamic information that will keep them ahead of the game, it will also help them increase their cash flow massively.
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